Meridell Achievement Centers services are physically and programmatically distinct.

Adolescent Behavioral/Psychiatric Programs

  • Boys 12-17: La Casa, 16 beds
  • Girls 12-17: Bunk House, 16 beds
  • Girls 12-17: Ranch House, 16 beds

We categorize patients before diagnosing them. Those who have behavioral/psychiatric issues(manipulative, purposeful, acting out for gain)are treated in a behavioral milieu (behavioral clinical environment):

  • Promotes intensive group therapy and interactions to stimulate and support a positive peer culture
  • Emphasizes strong, positive role-modeling by staff
  • Stimulates positive social opportunities with challenging group and individual work
  • Instills self confidence and leadership by earning opportunities and respect
  • Rewards positive effort and behavior

Adolescent Neurobehavioral/Neuropsychiatric Programs

  • Boys 11-13: Eagles, 20 beds
  • Boys 14-17: Falcons, 24 beds
  • Girls 12-17: Jewels, 20 beds

Patients whohave neurobehavioral/neuropsychiatric issues(loss of control, impulsive,explosive, not acting out for gain)are treated in a neurobehavioral milieu (neurobehavioral clinical environment):

  • Prevents over-stimulation: quieter, calmer, slower paced
  • Decreases negative attention: redirect, pick battles – ignore minor, silly behavior
  • Positive approach: behavior that is wanted vs. not wanted
  • Avoids power struggles: encourage negotiation to obtain needs, earn privileges
  • Identifies ways to avoid aggressive behavior: gain insight to signs of escalation; replace negative coping skills with positive coping skills
  • Modifies school demands: shorter sessions, smaller groups, less distraction

Child Neurobehavioral/Neuropsychiatric Program

The Children’s Program provides a neurobehavioral milieu similar to the adolescent neurobehavioral milieu, and includes program features for young children:

  • The levels system is based on a “stop light” system: green, yellow, red
  • Levels are based on current behavior. Children get immediate feedback and have the opportunity to improve their level three times each day.
  • The schedule includes several breaks each day for play and recreation
  • Teachers in two physically distinct classrooms provide education for children in grades K-3 and 4-6.

Evaluations (as indicated)

Behavioral/psychiatric patients may have a psychological evaluation to identify thinking processes, conscious and unconscious, that may contribute to their emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Neurobehavioral patients have a neuropsychological evaluation to determine their cognitive strengths and weaknesses. These evaluations assist Meridell, parents, teachers and treating professionals to identify appropriate behavioral, emotional andacademic interventions.

Neurobehavioral patients receive a Cognitrace Study, a neurophysiological evaluation. This procedure (Quantitative EEG with Evoked Potential, or ?QEEG?) is reviewed by a Pediatric Neurologist, who can identify organic, neurological problems. These problems underlie behavior; they can be treated medically.


We help children to do their best and fall back in love with learning.

  • Enrollment in English, Math, Science and Social Studies based on ability and transcript
  • Credit recovery, acceleration, and enrichment
  • Each classroom has a dually-certified teacher (Regular and Special Education) and a teacher’s aide.
  • Dedicated school psychologist (LSSP).
  • SmartBoards, virtual desktops, laptops, and personal learning devices are utilized by teachers and students.
  • STAR Reading / Math, Accelerated Math, Reading Plus, and A+ Learning Systems
  • Life College (life and social skills) and Power Training (lifetime fitness)
  • Collaboration with treatment staff for a balanced approach to learning and recovery

Curriculum is relevant, challenging and meaningful

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